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Home Insurance

When you invest in a home, you want to feel confident that your property and money invested are covered. Above all, when you are a foreigner moving to the United States, it will generate uncertainty in how you adapt because of not knowing the laws, customs, and way of life. Crossroads Insurance in the state of Indiana will provide all the information you need to make a decision.

Experiencing Loss

In the event of a total loss in your home, you want someone to respond and cover all the damages that may be caused to you and your family. When you have a fire or any natural disaster, you don't want to worry about all the losses you've incurred as a result. Still, you want to know that your repair costs and expenses are covered and that you can live the days ahead without worries or uncertainty.

The 3 main reasons to have coverage depend on the incident, which might involve:

  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Accidents that a person has in your home (if it happens, you are responsible for medical expenses)

Process after an insurance claim

There is a universal process for handling home insurance claims. The adjuster is the person who will come to your home to do an assessment. Here are the important steps you should expect from the adjuster and insurance company:

  1. The insurance adjuster contacts you
  2. They visit the place where the loss occurred and conducts a damage assessment.
  3. Write a check to cover repair costs.

It is important to mention that the insurance does not do the actual repairs. It only gives you the money to cover the costs. Therefore, if there are additional costs, you may have to foot the bill. Another important fact is that if you are not satisfied with the adjuster's evaluation, you can ask for a second opinion. One way to do this is, for example, to hire your own contractor to estimate the repair cost, and with this second opinion, you would compare it with the adjuster to reach an agreement.

The importance of home insurance

The law does not require that you have home insurance. However, if you take out a mortgage with a bank or credit union, you will be required to get homeowner’s insurance. Remember that the asset is not fully yours until you pay off the loan, and so the bank has to make sure that the asset is protected by insurance coverage.

Acquiring Home Insurance

Whether it is mandatory or not, every homeowner should have insurance coverage. It not only protects the building itself but the assets inside. You don’t want to be caught without insurance coverage if you have your home burned to the ground. It is better to be equipped rather than not knowing what to do or where to turn. Contact Crossroads Insurance in Indiana to discuss your options.

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